About us

Support global projects and make real changes.

We are providing service for NGO’s and individuals who are searching for supporters. On Come Around platform anyone can spread message out to the masses and boost their project awairness. Help and support their local communities, raise voices and funds for any social project. 

Global changes in the modern world cannot be adequately described on the basis of neoliberal thinking and require a new approach.

The world is facing a change from the Monopolistic world economic structure to the Integrated world economic structure. The world faces new step of the technological revolution and It leads to a change in the paradigms of managing the socialized economy, to the formation and replacement of systemic capital accumulation centers, the formation and development of world economic structures and the relocation of economic power centers in different regions of the world.

Our team believes in the alternative economy which will have more capitals shared within the network, building a sustainable decentralised networking where helping each other and sharing skills or technology would be the key value for success.